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Kim  Clark on
Kim Clark
Lake Homes Realty, LLC
Lake Greenwood
Greenwood, South Carolina  29649
Kim Clark is a dedicated Realtor; passionate about connecting sellers and buyers. Kim is the SC BIC for Lake Homes Realty, a 2016 Aqua Award Winner, and Past President of the Greenwood Association of Realtors. She holds a BS in Communications, has 26 years experience in broadcast journalism, and obtained her CSP, international certification as a staging professional: See testimonials below:
Now that the dust has settled and we are holding the deed to the property, I have to drop you a note to say that you proved me wrong.
When we first met, I told you that I had a generally poor opinion of realtors, and I didn't have very high expectations for our efforts to purchase property on Lake Greenwood. I still dislike most realtors, but you proved to be a notable exception to the group!
Let me start by re-capping our quest:
Wendy and I came down and rented a place for our vacation and fell in love with the lake. It was exactly what I was looking for. We drove around looking at places for sale and finally realized that, despite our best efforts to avoid it, we needed help. So we called two of the realtors whose names appeared most often on signs as well as the internet listings. I figured they would know best, what was available and be able to quickly point us to the perfect property. Confirming my prior experiences and thus my negative feelings toward the profession....neither called back before we returned to Charlotte 4 days later. Apparently customer service is low on the priority list.
When we got home, I spent considerable time researching online and found several of your listings. I rolled the dice again and contacted you via email. What a shocker.....a return email came within a few hours....then a phone call. I don't know how much you remember of the conversation, but I won't forget it. You realistically set my expectations....sent some listings that reflected what I asked for (not the usual over budget game I've come to expect) and shared some knowledge of the lake that helped us focus our search. It took a few weeks to clear my schedule so we could visit Greenwood again, but you kept in touch and periodically shared new listings. By the time we made it down again, you had narrowed the choices and we found exactly what we wanted.
Every step of the way from the offer, through negotiation to settlement and even assisting with the surveyor, you have been our emissary. I can't believe how much you have done for us.
This year, we vacationed there again....same wonderful rental house....and brought the kids down to surprise them with our lot!
I ran in to one of the original realtors we had tried to contact and she told me all the services that she would not assist her clients with....a complete opposite of all you assisted us with. As an out of town buyer, we needed your help and you came through.
It was great to see you we now consider you a friend. Hopefully we can break ground in the next few years and plan a permanent move to the lake.
Kim, we have purchased or sold more than two dozen properties in our lifetime and this rates as the best experience we have ever had.
Please feel free to have any prospective client call me for a reference. I'll be more than happy to share my experience with them (for a mere 50% of the commission of course)!

Thanks so much,

Joseph D. Bitzan
Regional Manager
Disaster One, Inc.
4300 Barringer Dr
Charlotte, NC 28217

My husband and I recently retired and bought a house on Lake Greenwood using Kim Clark as our realtor. We had limited time to look and with Kim’s excellent listening skills she found the exact home we had been searching for. Through her efforts, quick action and decision making, she was able to make arrangements with the owner and the other realtor that same afternoon. We had the papers signed before 5pm that day. Kim is a very caring, friendly, courteous, concerned and professional woman who has become a good and close friend of ours. Even now, months after the sale of the home, she is still taking care of small incidentals on our behalf. She is still looking out for us to make sure everything in the house is set up comfortably for us when we arrive in South Carolina mid-April. Three cheers for Kim Clark!
Jay & Janet Schierman

"Kim is quite simply the best. She works tirelessly to make sure you're protected on every corner. She's not just a great agent. She's our friend now too."

John Mark Stroud, Broker - Asheville, NC

"There's just something about her. Pat picked her as being "the one" to do the job. Sure enough, she put our marketing plan in place, and in less than a month brought us more than we dared hoped to see. The whole experience was great."
Pat and Jimmy Lawson, Sellers from Newberry County

"We talked by phone a few times. She must have really listened, because when we arrived she took us to the perfect lake house. We were so impressed with Kim, we also sent her both of our sons and a good friend."

Jean and Ray Gayle, Delaware Buyers

If you want a Realtor who will take great care of you, just call Kim!

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