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George Thagard on
George Thagard
Granger, Thagard & Associates, Inc
1806 Oxmoor Rd
Birmingham, Alabama  35209
205-410-6751  205-326-0833
GTA has sold millions of dollars worth of real estate and significant personal property assets. They have become immensely familiar with necessary steps of auction marketing to satisfy their clients needs. They realize the importance of quality marketing and take pride in their attention to detail. Their willingness to go the extra mile insures a successful auction.
Granger and Thagard began their professional career with antique auctions, farm auctions and business liquidations. Marketing varied real estate properties and other significant personal property assets in the Southeast has been their focus since the mid 1990's.
All GTA auction marketing associates are either real estate brokers, real estate salespersons, auctioneers or auctioneer apprentices. Granger, Thagard & Associates, Inc. has a network of real estate brokers and auctioneer professionals, across the nation, who can be called upon for a specific "experience curve" for each special client's situation.

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